Student Testimonials for David Babich Studio

David is the best voice teacher I have ever had hands down. In less then a year I have gone from sounding like I’m straining ever muscle in my body and several in those around me to reach an out of tune note, to being so happy with my voice that I’m am no longer searching for a singer in my band.
— Benza M. , Producer and Songwriter
Excellent VO space. I’ve had numerous VO auditions and David has always responded quickly and helped me get my auditions completed. He has really great equipment and gives feedback to help authenticate and you bring your A game. I’m so very happy I took his VO information class and now have the opportunity to work with him when needed! Thank you so much! I will most definitely be back!
— Ashleigh M. (yelp)
David Babich is a gifted, intelligent and kind teacher. In just the first session together, I learned things about the voice, my voice, that I had never been able to understand before. Every week he teaches me something new that helps me grow as a singer. I am so thankful that I found David and have discovered a voice that I never knew I had.

— Bunok Kravitz
I went for the Introduction to Voice Over class earlier this year and I’ve been working with David ever since. I look forward to EVERY session. David is very professional, but also fun and personable.
If you are looking for a Voice Over trainer/teacher/coach with VERY reasonable prices, DAVID BABICH is the one to go to. Come on... I drove from Torrance to Burbank AFTER WORK for almost 2 hours just to work with him. That’s saying a lot! Especially since I don’t like driving at all.
Did I mention he has a professional sound booth that we use? I have nothing negative to say other than I wish his studio was in Torrance. Although he does have Skype sessions, there’s nothing like working with him in person.
— Angela L. (Yelp)
Primarily singing in louder, aggressive bands, I was searching for a way to prepare my voice for live shows and recording. Originally I had only planned on taking a few lessons, maybe learning some warm-up exercises and breathing skills. And although I still use the exercises Dave taught me in just the first couple lessons, I found myself going back every week and have so for over a year now. Working with Dave made my voice sound better than I thought it ever could and I’m constantly discovering new breakthroughs. My range has expanded, I don’t have to think about singing so much anymore. Vocals used to be a chore, but now I look forward to it as much as I do playing the guitar.
— Ryan Henry of El Capitan
David is such a great instructor. He is clear and concise in his direction. I had taken vocal lessons with him because I was looking for someone with musical theatre experience with belting, and found the right teacher!
— Ciara D., Singer, Actress
David has made me feel very comfortable with my voice and how I use it. I appreciate his influences and how he uses many techniques to develop his own style. Within 6 months I have already discovered major improvements in my technique, my voice is stronger and easier to use than ever before. Not only is his teaching effective, but as a person he’s incredibly supportive and fun to work with
— Michelle Audria, Singer-Songwriter
Taking singing lessons with David has been such a fun and enriching experience. He is passionate yet very patient, clear in his directions and has brought my singing skills to a level I never expected. Thanks to him singing is more fun than ever.
— Christine R.