Private Coaching in Business Speech with David Babich

Hi.  If you are looking to gain more confidence in your business or inter-personal communications,  I can be of help.   My 17 years of coaching experience have led me to become highly effective at helping professional voice users in the following areas: 

  • Improve breathing
  • Improve tone quality
  • Improve projection
  • Inflection / Prosidy 
  • Nerves / relaxation
  • Gestures 
  • Clarity of Intention in Communication

Credentials:  B.A. in Voice, UCLA 1992, Certified VoiceWorks Expert (Trained by Lisa Popeil), Trained with 11 Voice Instructors and 7 Acting Teachers, including Classical voice and speech.   Professional Stage and Film and V.O. actor with credits including:  Grey's Anatomy, General Hospital, Criminal Minds,  Mirror's Edge, Syndicate, McDonald's and many more.  Feel free to visit for more info. 

Types of Professionals I've helped:

Lawyers, Doctors, Salespeople, Scientists, Financial Planners, Debaters, Actors and many more! 

Your voice is a major part of who you are and how you represent yourself.  You're taking positive steps toward maximizing your potential.

I teach in-person, via Skype, and also provide telephone coaching.   Depending on your needs,  class activities may include:  Voice exercises, practice presentations, practice Q&A's, Mock conversations,  Mock telephone calls, opening and closing arguments.   You will be able to work on prepared as well as improvised materials.