How to Break the Rules and Book the Job

I recently recorded a McDonald's radio commercial which is now airing in the Bay Area.   It was recorded here in L.A. at Dave and Dave studio's in North Hollywood.   
The spot features a character talking in a huge conference hall.  Picture a Silicon Valley Tech Mogul.   It was up to me as the actor to bring in the 'atmosphere' of a large conference room.    (Atmosphere is one of the advanced concepts I teach in my voice acting classes. ) To act as if there were 2000 people listening to my voice reverberate about the hall.   In order to help myself achieve this in my audition (recorded at my home studio),   I added reverb to my audio track for listening purposes while I recorded it.   It is a NO -NO generally to add effects to the actual audition submission.   The clients would generally prefer to hear your clean unaffected voice.  

But after recording the audition and hearing it with the reverb I found it to be so convincing that I just had to leave the reverb in.    So, in this case, breaking the rules worked.   I got the job. 

Listen to the spot by clicking HERE.