LITTLE Kids Voice Over Workshop - AGES 5-7 (Click Class for Description)

LITTLE Kids Voice Over Workshop - AGES 5-7 (Click Class for Description)


Little Kids Voice Over (Ages 5-7 *)

2 Weekends from 2p-4pm.

August 4,5,11,12

*If your child doesn’t fit into this age range, please note that there are other classes for older kids. 5 is the minimum age.

Young children in voice over are in a tricky place because their reading is often at a lower level than their acting ability. And because voice over is a ‘Reading Medium”, kids can tend to sound like they are reading, when they should sound like they are just talking. There are several techniques that can help bridge the gap between acting and reading. These techniques are the focus of the class, but put in a fun, entertaining and engaging setting. The kids will have the opportunity to record one or two commercial or character piece at each class.

The structure of the class is (4) 2 hour sessions with 2 short breaks at each session.

The class includes a short, professionally produced demo of their best takes.


AGE:  If your child does not match the age requirements of the classes, please let us know and we will look for a solution.  

No Extra Time Given for Tardiness

Class is drop-off / pick-up.

Payment is Non-Refundable

ILLNESS:   We lovingly ask you to please not bring your child to the studio if he or she is sick or MAY BE SICK.  WE WILL LOOK TO FIND A SOLUTION FOR YOU.

BEHAVIOR: David has an assistant on hand to help run the class, but our focus is on voice over training. Some younger kids may not be ready for a 2 hour class in which they are asked to be quiet and still while others are working.

KIDS DEMO:  Best takes from the classes will be edited into an industry standard demo. Approximately 45 seconds, consisting of about 4 spots.  Please allow a 2-3 week turnaround for the completion of the edited demo.  The specifications of the demo (Music choices, Sound Effects, Which Takes, Order, Volume and other creative choices) are at the discretion of David Babich Studio.

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