have a friend or loved one who has talked about getting a top notch vocal coach, but needs a little push?

David Babich (B.A. Vocal Performance 1992 UCLA) has taught thousands of voice lessons, beginning in 1999 and teaches all levels - beginner to pro.  Singer-Songwriters,  Musical Theater Performers, Rock and Roll front men and women,  Jazz Artists,  Pop and Classical have all benefited from David's teaching.  Expect tangible improvement at every lesson.  

David's passion for voice technique has led him to train with 11 Voice teachers starting in 1987, including :

Lisa Popeil (All Western Vocal Styles), Tim Mussard (Bel Canto), Mark Baxter (Pop/Rock), Heinz Blankeberg (Bel Canto),  Jane Sharpe (Jazz/Pop), Jane Boothroyd (Baroque/Jazz),  Michael Smolens (Jazz, North Indian Classical), Richard Fink (Throga System), and Gary Imhoff (Performance)  In 2005, David became a certified VoiceWorks Associate, mentored by world renowned voice expert Lisa Popeil. 

David was on the Voice Faculty of the Santa Monica Academy of Music from 2007-2010 and now teaches at his private studio in Burbank.

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